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Selecting a vendor for your business can be long and painful process, especially if the candidate organisation is of an unknown quantity. An ideal vendor will give great service, look after your needs and charge you a fair price. A vendor thinking of the long term will work with you closely during hard times just as much they do during the good. You want your partner to be just as keen three years down the line as the were the day they submitted their bid! Think of a vendor being more of a partner than a supplier. You are each stakeholders in the others business! If you need help selecting a partner to provide a key service, we have many years experience of doing just that and can help you avoid the pitfalls. Points of consideration include :  

Identification of client side stakeholders. Client goals - strategic, operational, technical, financial, impact analysis. Market review service / technology providers. Vendor experience and their customer comments. Total costs of ownership not just initial purchase price. Client side cost reductions or refocus resources. Support structures and road map - are there potential future benefits beyond the initial deal. How will you manage the vendor / partner and your back office costs  

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