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Your content defines your channel. A channel management system allows you to exploit that content successfully giving you the tools to present your content in the best possible way and allow you to extract best value from your programme purchase investment. From your first ideas to an outline channel plan, right final through to playlist, a channel management system is a key tool in your organisation ability to put its content to air holding key data about your content from the rights you have negotiated through to the versions, parts and material IDs of your content. How you use your channel management system and its interfaces to other systems in your organisation and third partners helps determine your overall workflow and where your bottle necks and issues reside. We have experience of channel management systems and helping customers identify solutions to fit their needs and budget.

So whether you are thinking about a major upgrade to your system of even thinking of putting one in for the first time, we can help you decide the best approach and implement the role out and help you with questions such as -  

Should the channel management system include air-time sales module or should use a third party specialist?, What database should I use?, Does the choice of database affect my costs?, Are there potential performance issues as my system grows dependant upon choice of database and how it is configured?, Should the database configuration match my content hierarchy?, Will the solution scale?, Is the vendor receptive to new ideas?, Can modifications and changes be turned around in a timely fashion?, How will my channel management system cope with the digital convergence and the multiplicity of platforms?, What about interfaces to other systems?


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