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Where are the bottlenecks in you flow of work getting your content on-air? -Where do you suffer the greatest costs and what solutions are there to help mitigate these costs both direct and in your back office? - What complexities do face? - What technologies do you have to contend with and what are the logistics of dealing with your vendors and partners? - Where do you set your sights? - What is a realistic goal against the cost of achieving a meaningful impact for the proposed investment? - What are the quick wins? - Can you start small and evolve or do you have to go big-bang? - Which MAM system is best for me and my business?

These and many more questions often come up when an organisation is faced with trying to get better control and management of its flow of work. We can help you and your team take a hard look at your operations, identify where you could make improvements or efficiencies and go to market to find the best product to fit your needs and budget whether it is the simple addition of a shared resource database with reporting and alerts to a full blown MAM system that oversees both administrative and file delivery functions for a multi version, multi language, multi subtitle operation with offices, technical facilities and vendors in different parts of the world

We understand media and broadcast operations and can help you and your team achieve your goals.  

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